Fabienne Pimenta — Product Designer

Hello! I’m Fabi and I design products and experiences for people.

About me

I've been designing mobile and web applications, from problem formulation to UI design.

Currently based in Berlin, designing the digital dashboard and mobile aplication of unu — an alternative for ecological mobility. Started in 2013, launching Primetag and Radlegacy in Portugal and previously worked at resmio also in Berlin.

I'm passionate about dogs, sports and pretty conscious about the enviornment. Non-relevant information: My last name, Pimenta means pepper in English :)

Use Cases

Booking creation process at resmio

This use case was made when I was working at resmio – a reservation and management service for restaurants. resmio allows managing reservations in an efficient way, with proper reporting and marketing solutions.

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Widget redesign at resmio

The widget allows guests to create online bookings, at any time, without interacting with the restaurant through a phone call. Restaurants can integrate the widget on their websites and have the autonomy to be bookable 24h per day.

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